Thursday, April 28th, 2022
The Crew Was Dispatched this morning to investigate a possible tree and wires down in roadway, Arriving units noticed no wires involved and tree was already removed from roadway. Units cleared and ret...
Wednesday, April 27th, 2022
Units were dispatched for a motor vehicle accident. Arriving units assisted ems with patient care, while others cleaned up a minor spill
Tuesday, April 5th, 2022
While Crews were working in Kent, GVFD first responders requested to assist the ambulance for a fall. Both calls cleared up at the same time.
Tuesday, April 5th, 2022
Around 815pm the GVFD was dispatch to the town of Kent for a possible structure fire, While crews were enroute,,Kent Fire was able to find the fire in the wall. We provided Coverage for their station ...
Saturday, June 18th, 2022
We will be hold an open house on June 18th starting at 10amCome see the Fire Trucks, Tour the firehouse, meet our members.The New Milford Fire Marshals Office will be attending to educated on fire saf...
Monday, May 30th, 2022
The Gaylordsville Vol. Fire Department will be holding its annual parade Starting at 8am Monday May 30th, 2022Come on by and see the parade
Tuesday, January 4th, 2022
After our Annual Department meeting, The following Members were Elected to to lead the Gaylorfsville Vol. Fire DepartmentChief: Tyler BergmannAssistant Chief : Doug LeachCaptain: John Oviatt1st Lieute...
Saturday, July 31st, 2021
Doing a little but of drafting with Engine 41
Become a member

When you were a kid, did you ever dream of being a firefighter?......We can help you fulfill that dream!  

Are you a person that listens to scanners to see what is going on in your community?........ Come experience, listen in live and help..... We can help with that!

Have you ever come across a road closure and wonder what is going on? I hope everything is ok!............Come lend a hand and share your own unique superhero powers with the team!

Everyone is unique in one way or another. Thats the great part about being a volunteer. You have many minds that make a great one! Every skill and profession that comes in the door is another great asset to the department.

Not sure if you have enough time or live close enough to help out? Not sure what area you can help in? That's ok here is some information that may help you decide.


As a member of our organization, you can qualify for rewards for serving the community. Some of those rewards include;

 - Up to $2,000 per year towards personal property tax such as home and vehicle tax.

- up to $500 in gas cards per year

- Retirement fund set up in your name. $700 dollars a year, takes 5 years to be vested, after 10 years your fully vested. vesting goes up 20% in years 6,7,8,9 and 10. Must be the age of 62 to collect. Funds to the extent vested can be taken after the 5th year of leaving service.


If you live in or work in the town of New Milford, live on the town line or surrounding town. You can come down and see what its like at the Gaylordsville Vol. Fire Department.

Not sure if you have enough time? We require 75 % of all non-emergency related functions to be met during the first year. After 1 year its 50 % of all non-emergency related functions

12-  Monthly Membership meetings a year. All meetings fall on the first Monday of the month unless a legal holiday is observed. It would then be the Tuesday following the holiday.

52- Work detail / training nights on Wednesday evenings. Not every Wednesday is mandatory or required, if it is a special training, requiring a recertification or to better the wellbeing of the department it will be announced normally 30 days prior to the event.  This is normally 6-10 Wednesdays for the whole year. 


We have 5 different memberships you can be apart of.

Junior Firefighter- 14-17 years of age, in school with good grades and good attendance. You can become a junior firefighter in the GVFD. Learn the basics of being a firefighter, observe and assist will fire calls in the district, attend and participate in trainings. Attend monthly membership meetings to get a perspective on how an organization is ran.

Auxiliary- Formally known as the ladies' auxiliary, we at the GVFD recently changed to auxiliary for all genders to assist and lend a hand to the firefighters during emergency events and day to day operations. The auxiliary also hosts events on their own that help assist in the department and public relations in the community. 

Support Firefighter- Over the age of 18 you can become a support firefighter, participate in exterior firefighter functions including Emergency Medical Services. We at the GVFD provided First responders for medical assistants to our district to assist in the golden hour response time. This helps get certified and qualified personal to medical scenes to assist prior to the ambulance arrival.

Fire Police- Over the age of 18- members who are under this category assist with road closures during motor vehicle accidents, structure fires, downed trees and power lines. 

Firefighter- Over the age of 18- members who would like to become certified for interior firefighter responsibilities.

All training and certifications are paid for by the department after the 1 year probationary period.

All personal protective equipment and tools to be a qualified member of the department is also at our expense.   






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